Policies and Procedures

We have attached below some of the policies and procedures of this school that parents may find it useful to access.  If you can't find what you are looking for here, or require more information please ask the school office.

Statutory Policies

Behaviour Policy /

Charging and Remissions Policy /

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2018

SEND Policy 2017

Other Useful Policies for Parents 

Able and More Able Policy

Anti Bullying Policy /

Attendance Policy

Accessibility Policy /

Communication Policy

Complaints - A Brief Guide to School Complaints

Compaints - Surrey County Council Full Complaints Guide

Complaints Form - Stage 3

Data Protection Policy and Freedom of Information Statement 

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

Epilepsy Policy

E-Safety Policy

Equality Policy

Equality Statement 

Fair Processing Layer 1

Fair Processing Layer 2

Fair Processing Layer 3 

Fire Safety Policy /

Headlice Protocol 

Health and Safety Policy /

Home School Agreement /

Inclusion Policy 

Intimate Care and Toileting 

Lettings Policy 

Medical Policy

Nutrition Policy

Partnership Policy 

Sex and Relationship Policy /

Smokefree Policy 

Sun Safety Policy

Touch and Physical Intervention Policy 

 Video and Photo Code for Parents