Sports Premium

Downs Way Sports Provision 2016-17


At Downs Way we appreciate the impact of PE on the health and well being of our pupils. We understand that a fun, innovative and varied curriculum as well as extra-curricular activities have a positive influence on Downs Way pupils’ attitudes, concentration and academic achievement.

Every child at Downs Way is taught fundamental skills through games, gymnastics and dance. Pupils receive two PE slots a week, equating to about 2 hours of Physical Education teaching. On top of this, pupils have a daily 15-minute playtime and approximately 60-minute lunchtime.

Primary Sports Funding Review 2015-2017 

We have looked at ways of utilising our Sports Premium to enrich the teaching and thus learning of PE within our school. We have identified the planned actions below and reasons why. Then we have given a brief outline of the impact on the pupils.

The Sports Funding Grant for this school for 2015-6 was £8,400. (£8,000 plus £5 per pupil in Years 1&2).

Our priorities for expenditure of our funding in 2015-2016 included:

 1. Providing a play area for children to engage in physical activity during their play times

  •      After putting new play equipment onto the school field it was evident that children daily enjoyed using this (including monkey bars, balance beams, climbing ropes, swinging bars). However, unfortunately with the field only being accessible for around ½ the year due to rain, it was decided that investing in similar play equipment in the playground would allow children to continue to use fundamental sporting skills for the duration of the year.  The equipment has been a huge triumph and is used daily by many children.

2. Continue to maintain close links with partnership schools to continue inter school competitions within Oxted Infant School family 

  •       This year we have very much enjoyed attending 3 different sports competitions with our year 2 pupils including Multi-Skills, Ball Skills, and Athletics.  33 children from Downs Way took part in the competitions, which gave them an experience of partaking in competitive sport in a fun manner.  It was evident that the children were very excited to take part in the 3 competitions and enjoyed the experience.

3. Continue to work with Oxted Infant School Family to partake in intra school competitive sport

  •  This year was the first year where by an idea to introduce competitive sport within schools was started.  This competition was aimed to involve children within 5 schools in the area, including YR, Y1 and Y2. The hope of the competition was to promote effort, resilience and development.  Teachers were in charge of awarding children for effort, resilience and behaviour. This information was then passed on to the PE co-ordinator from Limpsfield Infants to collate and inform everyone of results.  It allowed children to show the skills they had learnt that term and work with one another in a team against fellow peers, this introduce a fun element into PE lessons.


Sports Provision 2016-17

The Sports Funding Grant for this school for 2016-7 is anticipated to be £8,370.

Our aims for 2016-2017 are

  •  to maintain and extend the inter-school and intra-school sporting opportunities
  •  to improve access to indoor PE and Dance provision by contributing towards a replacement floor in our school hall (cushioned lino covering, suitable for indoor sports) - without which all PE and dance activities will be severely curtailed. The bulk of the sports premium funding is to be retained towards this project.