School Meals

Our delicious school meals are cooked on the premises by our lovely cooks.  We do hope your children will choose to have school meals.  

You can find details of the menus for school dinners for the term on the Surrey Commercial Services website.  Details of how to book lunches can be found below.

We are delighted that the Government have decided to offer free school meals to all our children this year and that the vast majority of parents want to take advantage of this excellent provision. We do hope that the government will determine that the policy is successful in helping to make school the happy, secure and positive environment that your children deserve to give them the best possible start in their education. Thank you to all our parents who are now signing their children up for school meals.

School meals will be booked daily for all children whose parents have previously requested regular school meals and who are marked present in the school registers. You just have to let the office know in advance and in writing if you would like them to have regular school dinners or to change to packed lunches. 

Please note that, although free meals are now available to all children, there are added advantages available for your children for families on low incomes if you enable us to register your child as eligible for free meals, based on income. This will ensure that your child is able to continue to receive free meals if the Government stop providing Universal Infant Free School Meals.  It will also enable the school to claim Pupil Premium funding to provide extra help for children that need it.

If you think your child is eligible for Free meals based on income, please help us secure Pupil Premium Funding by filling in and returning the form below to us.   All applications will be treated as strictly confidential.

Click here for Pupil Premium funding letter to parents

Pupil Premium (Free School Meals) Application Form